About fb auto liker

Hi, I'm Anonymous, Just Description here!

01. Who's Developer of Likermoo fb auto liker ?

My name is Anonymous,living in the city beautiful, Houston. I'm From US , I'm a Facebook Developer and a human being, i love doing things that never done before. facing challenges, coping with problems

02. Any special reason behind doing this site?

Just to keep people happy, there's nothing special then spreading smiles all around.

03. Who inspired you to do this site?

My Life My Rules.

04. Did you faced problem while doing it??

No Problem just done in one day :v

05. Will Likermoo Shut Down ever?

We are continue to satisfied our website users and no hope to shut down sooner :D

06. What is your Facebook Profile Address?

I don't have Facebook Account Anymore, There's so many Fake accounts on my name (ALL peoples are fake).

07. How Can i Contact You ?

Send an Email To white.hat.champ@gmail.com